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Denver Barbarians WIN BOTH Matches Against Denver Harlequins RUGBY

Denver Barbarians Rugby at Cook Park, Denver, Colorado - October 28, 2017

Denver Barbarians Rugby at Cook Park, Denver, Colorado - October 28, 2017

The Denver Barbarians were in overdrive as the first side and second side teams put up 88 and 122 points, respectively, against the Denver Harlequins in two matches on October 28, 2017 at Cook Park in Denver, Colorado.
The first side scored 14 tries and had nine conversions while the second side scored 20 tries and had 11 conversions.  First side players that scored tries included:  Matt Clement – 1, Antwun Barker – 2, Gabe Bram – 2, Carmine Hernandez -1, Mark DeGuire – 1, Evan Geist - 2, Michael Al-Jiboori – 2, Eric Bloedorn – 1, Eric Sykes, Jr. - 1, Charles Ajarrista – 1.  Lance Eberhard had nine conversions.

The Denver Barbarians are coached by Brian Erichsen and Dan Bludeau.

The Barbos lead Rocky Mountain Rugby's Men's Senior Club competition at the midpoint with five wins and no losses.  League competition begins again on March 17, 2017.

1st Side:

#1 - Eric Bloedorn, (FR)                 #16 - Brendan Shea             

#2 - DanielBell,  (FR)                     #17 - Richard Cotterman, (FR)

#3 - Mark DeGuire, (FR)               #18 - Francisco Rodriguez Fontan

#4 - Jordan Gunderson                 #19 - Charles Ajarrista

#5 - Landon Peterson                    #20 - Devin Martling

#6 - Estevan Crispin                      #21 - Michael Pisney, (FR)

#7 - Evan Geist                               #22 - Logan Collins

#8 - Jason Christensen, (FR)        #23 - Timothy Hanify

#9 - Carmine Hernandez

#10 - Lance Eberhard

#11 - Matt Clement

#12 - Eric Sykes, Jr.

#13 - Michael Al-Jiboori

#14 - Antwun Baker

#15 - Gabe Bram

(FR) = Front Row player


Denver Barbarians Rugby Football Club        vs Denver Harlequins Rugby

Denver Barbarians Rugby Football Club

       vs Denver Harlequins Rugby

Denver Barbarians Rugby in Two Matches Against Denver Harlequins

The Barbos (4 wins / 0 losses) play the Denver Harlequins in two matches on Saturday, 28 October, 2017 at Cook Park, 7100 Cherry Creek S Dr, Denver, CO 80224.

The Division II match begins at noon followed by the Barbos and Harlequins D4 match starting at 2:00 p.m. 

Join the teams, after the games, at the College Inn located at 4400 S. 8th Ave, Denver, CO 80220.

  Denver Barbarians / Park City Haggis

  Denver Barbarians / Park City Haggis

Denver Barbarians Defeat park City Haggis

The Barbos, leading their Rocky Mountain Rugby division, go to four wins and no losses following a close match with Park City Haggis Rugby. Trailing at the 72nd minute, Charles Ajarrista, with one minute left on the clock, scored and converted his try to seal the match for the Barbarians, 26 - 24.

Denver was first, at the 2-minute mark, to score with Amani Griffith touching down for his first of two tries on the day. Charles Ajarrista converted and the Barbos led 7–0. Park City followed with an unconverted try to make it Barbos 7-5 at the 32nd minute.

Antwun Baker, minutes later, scored and the Barbos extended their lead to 12-5. Ajarrista’s conversion made the score 14-5 at the 35-minute mark.

At 40 minutes, Park City scored, missed the conversion kick and at the half the Barbos led 14-10.

Amani Griffith, five minutes into the second half, scored again for the Barbos and after Ajarrista’s conversion, the Barbos held a 19 – 10 lead.

The Haggis, within minutes, scored and converted bringing them to within striking distance at 17 – 19 with the Barbos holding a narrowing lead.

Park City Haggis took their first lead in the match, 24 – 19, at the 72nd minute following a try and conversion.

With the game on the line, in the 79th minute, Charles Ajarrista made the game winning try and conversion bringing the score to 26 – 24 at the final whistle.

Denver Barbarians/     1967-2017

Denver Barbarians/     1967-2017

Denver Barbarians Win AT JACOBS PARK

Denver Barbarians Rugby remain undefeated winning 71- 12 against the Denver Highlanders in their first meeting of the 2017 / 2018 Rocky Mountain Rugby Division II season.  Charles Ajarrista began the scoring for the Barbos at the eight-minute mark.  Michael Al-Jiboori, on his way to another hat trick on the day, followed up by scoring a try a few minutes later and scored two more trys within the first 50 minutes.  For the day, the Barbos dotted down 10 trys.  Try scorers were Charles Ajarrista - 1, Michael Al-Jiboori - 3, Landon Peterson - 1, Gabe Bram - 1, Antwun Baker - 2, Brendan Shea - 1 and Crispin Estevan with 1 try.  

Charles Ajarrista had 7 conversions and 1 penalty kick while Lance Eberhard completed the day's scoring with a conversion kick. 

In Division IV competition, the Denver Barbarians team defeated the Denver Highlanders by a score of 29 - 14.  The Barbos scored five tries while the Highlanders had two tries.  The match was tied at the 50 minute mark when the Barbos reeled off three tries to secure the game.

The Barbos travel to Utah for a match with Park City Haggis on Saturday, 14 October 2017.

The Barbarians are in first place in the Rocky Mountain Men's Senior Club Division 2.

Denver Barbarians vs Denver Highlanders

Denver Barbarians vs Denver Highlanders

Denver Barbarians vs Denver Highlanders

The undefeated Denver Barbarians take on the undefeated Denver Highlanders at Francis Wisebart Jacobs Park, 1069 S Oneida St, Denver, Colorado 80224 at 3:00 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. on Saturday, 7 October, 2017. Two matches will take place with the Barbos A-side kicking off at 3:00 p.m. followed by the B-side taking the pitch at 4:30 p.m.

Saturday's a rugby day. Bleed Green!

Join the teams after the matches at the Pioneer Bar located at 2401 S University Boulevard, Denver, Colorado 80210 at 6:00 p.m. for a beer and a bite to eat.

Denver Barbarians vs Boulder Rugby  

Denver Barbarians vs Boulder Rugby


Barbos Win in Boulder

The Barbos defeated Boulder Rugby at Pleasant View Fields Sports Complex Championship Field in Boulder on Saturday, 30 September 2017 by a score of 85 - 5. Dominating on offense and defense, in a team-effort, the Barbarians scored 13 trys and converted 10 times. Barbos who scored included: Landon Petersen – 1, Antwun Baker – 2, Eric Sykes, Sr. – 2, Michael Al-Jiboori – 3, Charles Ajarrista – 2, Mike Pisney – 1, Jason Christensen – 1, Eric - 1, and Ryan Walker - 1. Charles Ajarrista had nine conversions and Devin Martling contributed one.

Denver Barbarians take on Boulder Rugby

The Barbos take on Boulder Rugby in two matches on Saturday, September 30 at Pleasant View Fields Sports Complex, 3805 47th Street, Boulder, CO 80301.
The Barbarians A-side tackle, in a Division II rivalry,  Boulder's A-side at noon. That game is followed, starting at 2:00 p.m., by the Division IV Barbos B-side facing off against Boulder's B-side.  The Barbos began their Fall/Spring 2017 Matches with a victory, 36 - 24, over the Glendale Merlins at Infinity Park.

We look forward to seeing you at the matches.
Bleed Green!

Denver Barbarians and the 50th Annual Ruggerfest Tournament

The Barbos begin their Aspen Ruggerfest play on Saturday, September 16 at 8:00 a.m. at Wagner Park Rugby Stadium in Aspen, Colorado.  Their second game on Saturday is scheduled to start at 11:00 a.m. at Rio Grande Park against Gosling Golds. Rio Grande Park is at the intersection of N. Mill Street and Rio Grande Place, a short walk from Wagner Park. 

Ruggerfest begins on Thursday, September 14 with Old Boys matches.  Please see the Ruggerfest website for a complete listing of games that take place on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

 8:00 a.m.   Wagner Park Rugby Stadium - Denver Barbarians vs. Heart of America
11:00 a.m.   Rio Grande Park - Denver Barbarians vs. Goslings Gold

Are you driving to the tournament?  Please read this travel advisory.  For those driving from Denver and the front range, Ruggerfest suggests entering Aspen via Independence Pass.

Denver Barbarians defeat Glendale Merlins 36 -24! 

Next Up: The Barbos travel to Aspen for the 50th Annual Aspen Ruggerfest Tournament. 

Denver Barbarians begin their Fall 2017 Schedule

The Barbos play their first match of the Fall 2017 season against crosstown rivals, the Glendale Merlins, at Infinity Park Stadium beginning at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, 9 September 2018.

Join us at the match as we celebrate this first game of the season and the Barbarians 50th Anniversary! 

The Barbos roster for the match has been announced.

1. Marco DeGuire                         

2. Danny Bell                                 

3. Soane Leger                               

4. Rugger Piz                                 

5. Brian Evans                               

6. Evan Geist

7. Bt Shea

8. Jason Christensen

9. Carmine Hernandez

10. Charles Ajarrista

11. Gabe Bram

12. Todd Oswald

13. Michael Al-Jiboori                           

14. Antwun Baker

15. Ryan Walker

16. Ronald Betham Tufele

17. Landon Peterson

18. Estevan Crispin

19. Jordan Flash Gunderson

20. Lance Eberhard

21. Eric Sykes Jr.

22. Devin Martling

23. Johnny Ecks                                            

Bleed Green!          

Denver Barbarians defeat Glendale Merlins 36 -24! 

Next Up: The Barbos travel to Aspen for the 50th Annual Aspen Ruggerfest Tournament. 


Barbos Win Lincoln 7s: Advance to 7s National Championship

    Barbos 7s Squads in Lincoln, Nebraska

    Barbos 7s Squads in Lincoln, Nebraska

The Denver Barbarians secured their ticket to the 2017 USA Rugby Emirates Airline Club 7s National Championship this past weekend via a tournament win at the Lincoln 7s, the third and final Frontier Region Qualifier of the summer. The Barbarians put together their most comprehensive performance to date, dispatching the 2016 Sevens National Champion, Rugby Utah Selects National Development Academy (NDA), in pool play 24-7 and 31-19 in the final. There were several standout performances and Michael Al-Jiboori was named MVP on the day for his exceptional play, highlighted by his suffocating defensive effort.


The Barbarians Premier side completed the 2017 summer regular season with 16 wins and 2 losses, by a combined 4 points, through four tournaments leading to two tournament championships. As a benefit of competing in one of the toughest regions in the country, the Barbarians will enter the 2017 USA Rugby Emirates Airline Club 7s National Championship as the second seed.


The Barbos A-side also competed in the qualifier bracket in the three Frontier Region tournaments garnering third, fourth and fifth place finishes. The summer sevens season provided opportunities for player development and competition as two Barbo teams participated in each of the Frontier 7s Qualifiers.


The player development through the summer was evidenced by the fact that two players started for the second side in the first tournament of the season and progressed through the summer to make the Premier side, where they played significant roles in the recent tournament championship in Lincoln, NE. 


The hard work of the players and coaches has not only led to a trip to Nationals, but has garnered individual recognition for four players. Michael Al-Jiboori, Cody Melphy, Devrin Young and Dominic Rufran were invited to the High Performance 7s Incubator Camp at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, CA.


Additionally, it has recently been announced by USA Rugby that the Denver 7s program, which the Denver Barbarians are heavily involved with, has been recognized as a National Development Academy (NDA).  


The Barbarians would like to thank our premier sponsor Spyder for their continued support.


Lincoln Sevens: Frontier Division National championship qualifier

    Barbos Sevens Squad - June 2017

    Barbos Sevens Squad - June 2017

The Barbos travel to Fleming Fields, Lincoln, NE for their final opportunity on Saturday, July 22, to qualify for the 2017 USA Rugby Emirates Airline Club National Championships.  Barbos must finish the tournament ahead of the Kansas City Blues to take the Frontier Division #2 seed to the nationals.  Two sides are making the journey to Lincoln, NE.  Rugby Utah Selects have already qualified in the Men's Division by virtue of their wins at the Denver 7s and Heartlands 7s tournaments.

The Aug. 12-13, 2017 USA Rugby Emirates Airline Club 7s National Championship will take place at the National Sports Center just outside of Minneapolis and every match at the 2017 Club 7s National Championship will air live on The Rugby Channel.

The Barbos are coached by Steve Laporta, Jason Kelly and Tyson Meek.

Barbos Physiotherapist: Purvi Desai

Barbos Premier Side:

1. Michael Al-Jiboori
2. Celester Asuega
3. Nick Boyer
4. Maximo de Achaval
5. Paul Eteaki
6. Siale Maka
7. Cody Melphy
8. Jeremy Misailegalu
9. Landon Peterson
10. Eric Sykes, Jr.
11. Ke'von Williams
12. Devrin Young

Barbos A Side:

1. Malon Al-Jiboori
2. Tom Chee
3. Tanner Graham
4. Ray Henley
5. Jackson Ingram
6. Spence Purnell
7. Dominic Rufran
8. Brendan Shea
9. Alex Wormer
10. Liam Wynne

50th annual denver sevens rugby tournament

    Denver Barbarians - Denver 7s Rugby Tournament - Denver, Colorado

    Denver Barbarians - Denver 7s Rugby Tournament - Denver, Colorado

The Denver Barbarians are excited to play in the 50th Annual Denver Sevens Rugby Tournament on Saturday, June 24, 2017 at Dick's Sporting Goods Park.

The event will be live streamed via florugby beginning at 8:00 a.m. (MDT)

The Barbos are entering three competitive sides in the tournament and one social side. The first side will feature two current Eagles, Ke'Von Williams and our resident Olympian, Ben Pinkelman, along with the squad's exciting new talent.

The Barbarians' first pool game begins at 9:40 a.m. and the final for the qualifier bracket begins at 5:40 p.m.

Come out and support your team, the Barbos, for a full day of Sevens Rugby!

The Denver Barbarians Sevens Rugby squads are coached by:

Tyson Meek:  Former USA Eagle, Sevens and XVs

Steve Laporta:  Former USA Eagle, Sevens and XVs

Jason Kelly:  Former USA Eagle, Sevens and XVs

Logan Collins:  Professional Rugby Player


Physiotherapist:  Purvi Desai

The Barbos are grateful for the professionalism and attentiveness that Purvi provides, year after year.


Following are the rosters for the tournament.

Denver Barbarians Premier Side

Eteaki, Paul

Pinkelman, Ben

Misailegalu, Jeremy

Impson, Bobby

de Achaval, Maximo

Al-Jiboori, Michael

Williams, Ke'Von

Peterson, Landon

Asuega, Celester

Sykes, Eric

Purnell, Spence

Young, Devrin


Denver Barbarians A Side

Shea, Brendan

Henley, Raymond

Christensen, Jason

Walker, Ryan

Ajarrista, Charles

Melphy, Cody

Griffith, Mani

Haapapuro, Ben

Graham, Tanner

Maka, Siale

Chee, Rhino

Ingram, Jackson

Denver Barbarians Sevens Development Side

Abuan, Kai

Schultz, Alexander

Lucas, Jon

Hernandez, Carmine

Clement, Matthew

Eberhard, Lance

Mendez, Angel

Martling, Devin

Oswald, Todd

Godinet, Johnny-Bill

Hilyard, Kyle

Kenson, Chris

Crispin, Estevan

Cotterman, Rex   

Denver Barbarians Social Side - Well Hungarians

Barbos Win Southern California/Ombac 7s tournament

   Barbos Sevens Squad at OMBAC 7s: June 17, 2017

   Barbos Sevens Squad at OMBAC 7s: June 17, 2017

Denver Barbarians unveiled our new sponsor SPYDER in San Diego this past weekend. The Barbos opened the tournament with a 27-0 win over Santa Monica. Ke'Von Williams scored a hat trick in the first half and his Vato Alumni teammates Jeremy Misailegalu and Eric Sykes each dotted down in the second half to make it an all-Vato scoring affair.

Barbos beat OMBAC 19-0 in game #2 on the back of two trys by Michael Al-Jiboori, one from captain Ke'Von Williams and two conversions from Nick Boyer.

The Barbos beat LA Rugby Club 47-0, to win the pool with a point differential of 93-0. Devrin Young had a break out game with a hat trick, while Nick Boyer continued as Mister Consistent.

Barbos beat OC Ravens 24-17 to advance to the final against Belmont Shore. Celester Asuega had a special performance that started with a great effort to chase back 40 meters to retrieve a kick followed by a length of the pitch jinking run to score under the posts. Tim Hanify made a big effort support run to ensure Celester made it to the line. 

Barbos beat Belmont Shore 19-5 to win the first tournament of the year. Celester started off the scoring with a nice try, and the Barbos went into the half with a 7-5 lead. Trys by Michael Al-Jiboori and Jeremy ‘Missile’ Misailegalu and solid defense sealed the victory. 

The scoring effort on the day was pretty balanced with Ke’Von and Missile each crossing the white wash 4 times, while Michael, Sykes, Devrin and Celester each dotted down 3 times with Nick Boyer adding two trys to his iron man performance. 

There were great defensive efforts from the guys throughout the day and some exciting performances all around.
Thanks as always to CrossFit Broadway for the continued support and to Steve Laporta of HomeSmart Cherry Creek for his sponsorship this season. It’s great to have coaches who not only volunteer their time, but also sponsor the team.

OMBAC 7s Finish
1. Denver Barbarians
2. Belmont Shore
4. Orange County
5. OMBAC 2nd's
6. Santa Monica
7. Oceanside
8. LA Rugby