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For 5 straight years, recent home buyers who were asked to name and assess mortgage professionals based on their personal experience, overall satisfaction, and whether they would highly recommend the mortgage professional to a friend, honored Denver Lending with the highest rating. We are extremely pleased that our clients have rated us in the top 6% of mortgage professionals for client satisfaction.

We sincerely believe that this acclaim is the result of a business model, which is markedly different from most lenders. We get calls every day asking what our rate is, but a competitive rate is only part of what a home buyer should be concerned with. The overall financial health, which includes an educated and holistic approach to the purchase of real estate, is our primary concern.

  • We show them how to make real estate a wealth-building vehicle rather than just a “forever home.”

  • We work diligently to customize a loan structure specific to each client – not cookie cutter.

  • We want our clients living the life they want and deserve, rather than being controlled and stressed by finances.

The overriding attitude that we want clients for life drives the team at Denver Lending to approach the mortgage process from a different perspective and with that long-term goal. 

We are not a typical gym - you aren't going to walk in, swipe your little ID card, and proceed to a treadmill or weight machine.  Why?  Well, we don't issue ID cards.  We don't have treadmills.  And we certainly don't have weight machines.

We develop you physically, emotionally, and mentally.  A certain mindset is promoted here and it is this mindset that separates a CrossFitter from someone who goes to a "globo-gym".